Material-Handlers and Their Functions

They are well known autonomous systems that are needed for almost all industrial and domestic use. The popularity of the Handling Equipment has risen so rapidly in the recent past owing to the wide applicability and advancement in technology. To get the gist of the whole matter, we need to know what this system is […]

Diesel car filters

If you own a relatively modern diesel car then you may have heard of a diesel particulate filter or DPF for short. All diesel cars from 2009 were fitter with one and many models prior to this date. The job of the diesel particulate filter is to convert all the soot that is produced in […]

Obtaining quotes for body work

If you have a vehicle which requires bodywork, you may have two options. You can contact your insurance company and make a claim for the repair work to be completed if you or a third party has caused the damage since owning the vehicle. If a third party is responsible and admits liability then your […]

What is that? Car diagnosis

When something is wrong with your car you need to get a professional’s opinion on what it is and how to fix it, however sometimes it’s good to know likely outcomes of common symptoms displayed by your vehicle, so here’s a few hints as to what certain indicators could mean. What’s that constant knocking noise? […]

Tyre sealant woes

Many new cars lack the good old spare wheel these days. There are good reasons for this, such as space, weight and cost saving. Some manufacturers offer space saving spare wheels. Others have run flat tyres to get you out of trouble. Many, however, offer only a can of tyre sealant and a compressor. On […]

Repair or scrap your car

If your car has been involved in an accident or it has suffered mechanical damage, then you need to weigh up the cost of repairs compared to the value of the car. If your have been involved in an accident, your insurance company will ask you to take the car to an approved garage to […]

Welcome to Line Garage

Welcome to Line Garage, where we provide advice about cars repair services. Your options for servicing your car are extensive, so understanding the industry is very valuable, helping you to navigate through the fluff so that you can find a really beneficial deal.