Used car sales ad

Selling a used car can be a bit of a nightmare. It may be that you need to sell it quickly as you have already purchased a new car and have no room or that you need to sell it in order to raise funds for a car that you want to buy. When creating […]

Diesel car filters

If you own a relatively modern diesel car then you may have heard of a diesel particulate filter or DPF for short. All diesel cars from 2009 were fitter with one and many models prior to this date. The job of the diesel particulate filter is to convert all the soot that is produced in […]

Upgrading your alloy wheels

Alloy wheels come standard on many cars, but not on all makes and models, especially ones that are slightly cheaper. If you have an older car it may have plastic wheel trims instead or even just steel wheels. Some people do not like having alloy wheels on their car as they understand that they are […]

Traffic tips for drivers

Traffic jams can cause hours of delays. Traffic can be caused by a number of things such as accidents and breakdowns, events or roadworks and even just during normal rush hour. Being stuck in traffic jams is not fun and can cause drivers to get angry and end up doing silly manoeuvres. You cannot always […]

Car auction buying guide

If you are fed up of trawling hundreds and hundreds of ads to find the car you want, you could take a trip to the auction. People are often very dubious about auctions as they are often under the illusion that you can only see the car as it is being bid on. Like many […]

Preparing your car for sale

When it comes to selling any car you should spend a certain amount of time preparing it for sale. It amazes me how many people have pictures of a car for sale that hasn’t even been washed. Seeing a picture of a dirty car does not fill anyone with confidence and will put many people […]

Buying a van

When buying a van you will probably be looking for different things to what you look for when buying a car. A van is often purchased for work use so reliability is essential. For some, the condition of the bodywork does not have to be immaculate as it is purchased as a work horse, but […]

Factors affecting your car insurance

Car insurance is a big cost for many motorists and often you will find your insurance increasing year upon year rather than decreasing (as you may expect if you have had no points or accidents). The general price increase usually happens in line with inflation but also due to a rise in the number of […]

The best pick up of 2016

Pick-up trucks are becoming a popular choice for many motorists, even if they do not have the need for a vehicle so large. Pick-ups used to only be used by trades people and farmers and were renowned for their reliability but lack of comfort. This is now a thing of the past with many pick-up […]