Obtaining quotes for body work

If you have a vehicle which requires bodywork, you may have two options. You can contact your insurance company and make a claim for the repair work to be completed if you or a third party has caused the damage since owning the vehicle. If a third party is responsible and admits liability then your insurance company will claim any costs back from their insurance. If however you have caused the damage and have fully comprehensive cover then you will be responsible for your excess and your insurance is likely to increase.

If the damage is little, existing or you simply do not want to go through the insurance company you can take the vehicle to a repair shop to obtain quotes. You may take it to a main dealer accident repair centre or obtain a quote from a smaller garage or even from someone that offers that type of repair as a sole trader. When it comes to body work repairs, especially painting it is vital that whoever carries the repairs out have the adequate equipment to do so. Often you may get a very cheap quote but the quality of the repair may suffer.