Replacement Cam Belts – Do they really need doing as often as the Manufacture says?

Cam Belts or timing belts as they are also known are a major part of a car engine and very costly to replace should they snap so it is extremely important to get these replaced in line with the manufacturer’s guidelines, usually every 4 years or 100,000 miles (whichever comes first).

Is changing a camp belt expensive?

A short answer is yes, however not as expensive as having to replace a snapped one, as this requires stripping down the engine. The actual parts are fairly cheap to buy, but the man-hours to replace them are the costly part.  

Would it be worth the risk of not replacing it?

We highly recommend following the manufacturer’s guidelines when it comes to changing your cab belt. If your cam belt was to snap whilst you were driving the vehicle this could be extremely dangerous and cause damage to not only your vehicle but your bank balance.   

Should I buy a secondhand car that never had a Cambelt Change?

The chances are if the previous owner has failed to replace the cam belt they may have also been lackadaisical with the car’s maintenance, such as services, oil changes, battery replacement etc. Bear this in mind when viewing and offering on a used car.