Tyre sealant woes

Many new cars lack the good old spare wheel these days. There are good reasons for this, such as space, weight and cost saving. Some manufacturers offer space saving spare wheels. Others have run flat tyres to get you out of trouble. Many, however, offer only a can of tyre sealant and a compressor.

On the surface, this seems great: a lightweight solution, with no need to change the wheel at the roadside. Sadly, there are some major drawbacks. A blow out? No amount of sealant’s going to get you out of trouble. But what about a simple puncture…no worries, right? Unfortunately, it seems many garages are reluctant to repair a tyre after it’s been treated with this sealant. What could have been a low cost repair may turn into a costly replacement!

The lack of a spare’s never going to be the main consideration when buying a new car, but it’s certainly worth thinking about.