What is that? Car diagnosis

When something is wrong with your car you need to get a professional’s opinion on what it is and how to fix it, however sometimes it’s good to know likely outcomes of common symptoms displayed by your vehicle, so here’s a few hints as to what certain indicators could mean.

What’s that constant knocking noise? – This can be a number of things but most commonly points to an issue with the spark plugs or an issue with the type of fuel you have used – i.e. an indication that you could need a high octane fuel. This one definitely needs to be checked out by a mechanic!

What’s that juddering? – If you notice that your car is juddering when you pull off this could indicate an issue with the clutch or your transition, this can be costly so get it checked sooner rather than later.

Why is the car slipping when I’m cornering? – The first thing to check with this is your tyre pressure as this could simply be an indicator of low pressure or could be an issue with worn tyres. Other signs of low tyre pressure include poor fuel consumption and greater tyre wear.