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May, 2014

The Suzuki Swift

The Swift is a popular hatchback, especially among young males and it’s probably sportier now than ever before. It benefits from great fuel economy too, so it can actually be seen as a sensible purchase. You can have the vehicle fitted with the alloys of your choice and the car itself is available in red, […]

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Do Modern Cars need a Space in Garage?

Many people will use garages for storage, as gyms, a utility room, and there is a large number of people who opt against storing their car in the garage. In the UK the paintwork on cars doesn’t exactly fade if it’s been left on the driveway, so is there actually a need for a garage? […]

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The Clever Technology in the New Ford Focus

The Ford Focus is widely recognised as one of the most popular cars on the market but it has evolved an developed over time, and now we’re seeing the inclusion of many new technological features. You get Park Assist, a systems that can steer you into parking spaces. They only need to be 20% longer […]

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