Buying a van

When buying a van you will probably be looking for different things to what you look for when buying a car. A van is often purchased for work use so reliability is essential. For some, the condition of the bodywork does not have to be immaculate as it is purchased as a work horse, but space will probably be high on the priority list.

Vans are often high mileage, but if they have been serviced regularly and looked after that does not have to be an issue. Always try and buy a van that has a copy of the history e.g services, previous MOT’s and mileage records if possible. If you need more than 2 seats in the van then you will be restricted as to which make and model to go for.

Be sure to check whether you have to pay VAT when buying the van as many commercial vehicles are vatable and unless you are VAT registered you will not be able to claim this back.