Car auction buying guide

If you are fed up of trawling hundreds and hundreds of ads to find the car you want, you could take a trip to the auction. People are often very dubious about auctions as they are often under the illusion that you can only see the car as it is being bid on. Like many auctions, you will have the opportunity to view the car prior to the auction starting and can, therefore, assess its condition.

For some auctions, you will need to register to bid before you can place a live bid. Always check this before the auction starts to avoid disappointment. Listen carefully to what the auctioneer is telling you as they will give a brief description of the car and any known faults.

Some car auctions actually come with a warranty, so you may be better protected buying in this way rather than buying from an individual.

Don’t forget when you bid that it’s not only the hammer price you will pay but also the buyer’s fees too which can add up.