Preparing your car for sale

When it comes to selling any car you should spend a certain amount of time preparing it for sale. It amazes me how many people have pictures of a car for sale that hasn’t even been washed. Seeing a picture of a dirty car does not fill anyone with confidence and will put many people off. It may be the case that the car has been well looked after and mechanically sound but if you do not portray this on the first impression then the buyer is likely to look elsewhere.

If someone wants to view your car that you have for sale, then allow yourself enough time to take out personal belongings and give it a once over. Even simple things like lights that need bulbs replacing can be a enough of a tool for the other person to start bargaining you down. You should not expect to receive the full asking price for most cars that are sold. Everyone wants to feel they have a bit of a deal, so when advertising it, be sure to put it a little higher than you want to sell it for but don’t be too greedy.