Used car sales ad

Selling a used car can be a bit of a nightmare. It may be that you need to sell it quickly as you have already purchased a new car and have no room or that you need to sell it in order to raise funds for a car that you want to buy.

When creating a sales advert for your car you need to be honest and informative. It surprises me the amount of people that try and sell a car with only one picture or little or no description. You need to list the make and model (including engine size etc) in the main headline and then go in to detail about mileage, MOT status and then any known faults. You can also list any work that you have recently had done.

There is no point trying to hide this information as a serious buyer will either check this by coming to view the car or by looking online at previous MOT’s etc. If you do not offer this information, then many people fear that you are hiding something and will be put off from making you an offer.