Understanding Roller Shutter Doors

People would never believe there are so many different styles of doors available to purchase. But even when you choose a style, you may be shocked to find there is yet another decision to make. Even within roller shutter doors, there are further options to choose between. Today, we are going to share with you some of these choices, helping you to find the one that is the right fit for you.

When Are Roller Doors Typically Used?

Before we begin, let us check that this style of door is the one you should be choosing. Typically, roller doors are going to be used in businesses like warehouses. They can sometimes be seen in homes across the United Kingdom, but this is not extremely common. Their main purpose is to provide protection to areas of buildings that are commonly targeted for break-ins. This includes doors and windows. They are however not the most visually appealing, which is why you will not see them often on homes.

What Types of Roller Shutter Doors Are There?

As we begin to delve deeper into this topic, what are some of the styles of roller shutter door we are going to be focusing on explaining to you? These are interior roller shutters, exterior roller shutters, manual roller shutters, electric roller shutters, and aluminium roller shutters.

Interior Roller Shutters are the first style we are going to look into. As their name would suggest, these are roller shutters that are installed to the interior of your business. This can be for inside doorways and protected areas that need that additional security. Or having your exterior entrances and windows protected from the inside. This means if your windows were to be smashed, it is still unlikely for people to gain access as there will be an additional layer to break through. As this will sound the alarm, people are likely to leave and not risk being caught in the act.

Exterior Roller Shutters are the next style of shutter we want to share with you. These are shutters that are typically installed on the exterior of your building. They work in a very similar way, but they are installed outside rather than inside. Meaning you are not losing space inside your building due to the fixture. Exterior roller shutter doors provide protection from the outside, thus helping to prevent any damage from occurring as people just see the extra effort as being difficult and not worthwhile.

Manual Roller Shutters, this factor comes into play when you have decided on the type of shutter, but need to decide on how it is operated. Manual operation is more cost-effective than other options on the market. Making it the option most business owners go for. But it is not going to offer the most protection as the manual operation does tend to mean they are easier to break through.

Electric Roller Shutters, this is again an operating factor that comes after you have decided on this style of door. Electric shutters do tend to have a more expensive initial cost. This is because of how many components they have and how challenging they are to make as well as the installation cost. These also have a regular running cost due to needing electricity to work. They do however provide extra security, making your roller shutter door stronger and less likely to be broken through.

Aluminium Roller Shutters are the final style we want to share with you. This is one of the many materials you can choose to have your shutters made from. This material is one that is known for being weather resistant, making it perfect for exterior roller shutters. Aluminium is also known to be extremely lightweight, making it easier to be operated manually but can also support electric opening systems as well. You will find that aluminium is commonly used on shutter doors placed outside as well as on many businesses across the United Kingdom.


So, when it comes to purchasing any style of door, especially roller shutters, it is not as simple as choosing the style and going with it. There are many more contributing factors that you need to consider before finalising your purchase. These can alter the price of your initial purchase so make sure all options are discussed before finalising the purchase. From colour and material, to where it is being installed and how it is going to be operated, all need to be discussed with your supplier before purchase.