What Materials Are Good For Garage Doors?

When looking to purchase a garage door, you are going to need to know what material door you are wanting. There are many different materials available to choose from. Each one brings a different selection of benefits and disadvantages. So, let’s look into some of the other materials for garage doors and what benefits and disadvantages they can bring.


One material you can see being used for garage doors is wood. But what are some of the main benefits and disadvantages of wooden garage doors?

The Benefits

1- Customisation Options – One of the main benefits you are going to find is that customisation options for this material are endless. There is so much you can do with wood, that having a door designed specifically for you is entirely possible with this material.

2- Curb Side Appeal – Another benefit of using wood for your garage door is how it looks. It brings a certain style to your home that can increase your curbside appeal. Making your home more visually appealing and helping to increase the value of your property by a small amount.

3- Luxurious – Finally, this style of garage door is known to be more luxurious. This is due to the overall finished look of the door, and how modern it can make a home feel after installation.

The Disadvantages

When there’s good with a material, there’s also some bad. These include:

1- High Maintenance – Unfortunately wooden garage doors are extremely high maintenance. To keep them looking their absolute best, you need to maintain them constantly. You need to treat the wood regularly. This can take up a lot of time and money that some people simply don’t have.

2- Overall Cost – You may also find that the initial cost of these doors is significantly higher than others on the market. This is due to wood being a more expensive material and more difficult to work with. You also want to know that the overall cost is going to be higher due to the cost of maintenance these doors require that others don’t.

Metal Doors

Another popular material for garage doors is metal. This is an option you can commonly see being used as an alternative to wood. But what are the main benefits and disadvantages of this material?

The Benefits

1- Low Maintenance – One of the main benefits that draw people to choose metal as their material is how little maintenance it requires. It has a coating that helps to protect it from weather damage, meaning it isn’t going to need to be repaired often.

2- Weather Resistant – Another great benefit to remember is how weather resistant this material is going to be in comparison to wood. This is due to a coating which is applied to help prevent the material from rusting and being damaged by weather.

3- Low Cost – Finally, metal garage doors do tend to have a lower initial cost. This is going to make a garage door made from this material more affordable and more beneficial to those who have a tighter budget.

The Disadvantages

As mentioned before, when there is good with a material, there’s also some bad. So, what are some of the main disadvantages of metal garage doors?

1- Easy To Dent – Unlike wood, metal is extremely easy to dent. It is not as strong as wood in that aspect. Meaning if you accidentally knock into it, the door is likely to dent. This can have a huge impact on your curbside appeal, and the weather resistance of the door.

2- Less Insulation – When choosing metal, it is not known to be a material that is excellent for insulation. If you choose a metal door, you are going to require further insulation to keep the garage well-insulated to help prevent mould growth. This can cause a further expense which may make this a more expensive purchase than wooden doors.


Wood and metal are two of the main materials that you can see being used for garage doors across the United Kingdom. When it comes to deciding whether metal or wooden garage doors are going. to be the most worthwhile, it does come down to what benefits you are wanting to receive. For a more luxurious door, you are going to want to go for wooden. For something that is longer later and weather-resistant, metal is going to be more ideal. Remeber, overall it does come down to what you expect from your garage door and the benefits you want to receive. You also need to consider what style of garage door you want, as not every style comes available in a wooden form.