How To Ensure Your Car Will Pass Its MOT

An MOT is an important check of your car to ensure it is still road worthy. But what can we do in preparation to ensure our car passes its MOT?

Booking your car in for regular servicing, at least once every 6 months is one of the best ways to ensure it passes its MOT. This is because they will discover during these services any issues that can be solved before you MOT that may ultimately cause your car to fail.

Another way to ensure your car passes its MOT is to have a service at the same time as the MOT. This means the mechanic will service your car before they put it through for an MOT. Making it more likely they will resolve issues before they are picked up on your MOT.

If issues are found on your MOT that causes your car to fail. If affordable, you should do all you can by allowing the mechanics to fix these issues so you can still drive your car afterwards.