What has happened to Vauxhall?

The popular, mainstream manufacturer has felt like it’s losing it’s way for some time now. With it’s flagship models ever more eclipsed by German brands in it’s traditional fleet core market, and it’s hatchback and supermini models finding their ground ever more encroached by an expanding range of smarter, cheaper, and better looking models, Vauxhall is losing out on all fronts. What’s more, they don’t yet seem to have worked out how to deal with the issue. The revised Insignia has gone straight for the price-point tactic, making it cost effective on company car tax, but the model is ageing even with the facelift and new interior. The new Adam-themed Corsa update isn’t great. The Mokka has been too much of a success with too little supply – thus a missed opportunity – and no-one even knows or cares what an Antara is. That just leaves the Astra – for now!