Trusting your car garage

Finding a garage you can trust is always a stressful business. Most people have a fairly limited knowledge of the workings of a vehicle and it’s easy to feel “blinded by science”. How do you know parts need replacing or if work has been done or not? The truth is, most mechanics and garages aren’t there to rip you off but if you are concerned there are a few steps you can take.
For starters, the internet is a great place to try and diagnose the problem your car has. Even if you’re not going to fix it yourself, appearing knowledgeable about the problem to the mechanic will make them less likely to try and con you. You’ll also have a better idea of how much the work should cost. All work and parts carried out by a reputable garage should have 1 years guarantee . Ask to see any replaced parts and have the mechanic explain the problem to you. There’s no need to be confrontational about this, ask as a matter of interest. The mechanic may be able to offer advice in preventing the fault happening again and it’s good to gain knowledge about how your car works. Make sure you get adequate receipts detailing work carried out as a full service history adds value to your car.