Skoda is no longer a brand to be ashamed of

20 or so years a go Skoda was a bit of a laughing stock only known for its cars with awful build quality, lack of reliability and ugly looks. You may be surprised to hear, that following a recent survey by Autocar, Skoda is now one of the most popular brands and Skoda owners are overall extremely impressed with the cars. The main change came about when the Volkswagen group took over Skoda in 2000 and revamped not only the look but more importantly the whole Skoda engine. This put Skoda’s on par with the likes of the Golf and Passat in terms of reliability but allowed at a lot lower cost than that of Volkswagen range. In 2013 Skoda car sales reached just under one million which was a huge success for them and their brand seems to becoming increasing more accepted and actually preferred. So next time you go to drive an Audi or Volkswagen, why not also try a Skoda and see for yourself if it really does compare.