Where to sell your used car

If you are looking to sell a used car you have a number of options. Some people just stick to one avenue for selling a vehicle where as others advertise it in many different places to reach as many people as possible.

Below are some of the top ways to sell a used car:

1) Online auction sites – Sites such as Ebay are becoming an increasingly popular way of selling a vehicle. You can list the item for a certain number of days wither with a buy it now / make an offer button or on an auctions (you can set reserves and starting bid if you wish). These sites are often not cheap to sell on but can be a quick way of getting rid of a car.

2) Other online sites – Gumtree and Autotrader are hugely popular amongst car sellers. You will list the car for a set price and then allow people t contact you directly to buy the vehicle or come and view it. These sites are usually either free or charge a set fee per listing.

3) In the car or locally – Some people chose to display a for sale sign in the car window or advertise it locally in shops etc.

4) Social Media Sites – Many social media sites such as Facebook have groups set up for the sale of cars in your area. This is a free way of advertising your car locally to potentially thousands of people.