Comparing car garage prices

If you require some work to be carried out to your motor vehicle then it is advised to obtain a number of quotes before deciding who to go with. I recently had a situation where I needed a pair of rear shock absorbers fitted to my Vauxhall Vectra and was quoted £200 by the garage I normally use. After a few phone calls I got the price down to £150 from another garage and then when I informed the company I usually use of the price I had been quoted they dropped their price to match it.

Although this was good, I was a little upset to see that they would have happily charged me £200 knowing full well that they could do it for £150 and still make a profit.

Price is not always the only factor to consider though. The reputation of a garage should be taken in to full consideration as a garage that does not carry out repairs correctly could cost you more in the long run.