How to find a good honest car garage

Whether you’re looking to put your car through its MOT or wanting to get a service most people are looking for the same thing, a garage that will be honest and reliable and not cost over the odds on any work that will need to be done. But how do you go about finding one?

You could do an online search, the only problem is that through doing this you are unlikely to know what the garage is actually like from a customer’s point of view, you could however look up reviews for the garage as a backup.

You could also go on personal recommendation and social media is a great tool for this, simple ask the question in a status ‘does anyone know of a good car garage in Manchester?’ and you’re bound to get some helpful replies with contact details of some garages to try. Word of mouth from people you know always tends to be the best way to find a good workman so that would probably be your best bet.