Checking your tyres regularly could save your life

Checking the tyres on your car or van is something that should be done on a weekly basis (if not more often) especially when you are travelling a long distance. There are far too many accidents caused by tyres that are either defective or have not got the correct pressure in them. When looking over your tyres, the main things you should be checking are if there is any damage to the tyre (if in doubt always ask an tyre fitter), are there any punctures, has the tyre got the correct pressure in it (this can be found in the car handbook) and is the wear on the tyre within the legal limit. The legal limit for tyres is currently 1.6mm which should be over 75% of the tyre. Each one should be checked individually as tyres can wear differently. If there is one tyre that seems to have worn totally differently to the rest you should also get this checked out as it could mean there is a problem with the tracking or alignment.