Roller Vs Sectional Garage Doors

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In the world of garage doors, there are two main styles we can see being used across both homes and businesses in the United Kingdom. Two of the most common styles are a roller garage door and sectional garage doors. Today, we want to compare the two, discovering which is going to offer the best value and be the most valuable to you. Which style of garage door is going to win the battle when it comes to ease of use, price point, how visually appealing they are, security, and installation time?

Ease of Use

One of the first aspects we want to compare is how easy they are to use. Both roller garage doors and sectional garage doors have very similar opening mechanisms. They both tend to be electrically operated, with a simple push of a button being the main way these open and close. This makes it difficult to compare the two on this matter. There is however the option to purchase a high-speed roller door, which does put these slightly above. Due to how they roll up onto themselves. they can do this at a faster speed than the alternative option.

Price Point

Another aspect you need to consider when deciding which style of garage door to go for is the price point. You want to have a budget to stick to and ensure you do not overspend which is super easy to do. These two styles of garage doors are very similar in price point, but sectional garage doors are slightly more expensive than roller garage doors. If you are choosing a garage door based on price, the roller-style garage door is going to win. It is cheaper and will be more budget friendly.

Visually Appealing

You will also want to choose a garage door that is the most visually appealing. Not only for your benefit but the neighbourhood as well. Roller garage doors are made up of multiple thin panels, this is not going to be the most visually appealing. Sectional garage doors are more visually appealing. They are made up of fewer panels, which looks more modern and therefore helps to modernise your property.


Another aspect you are going to want to consider is the security and protection you are going to receive. Both of these garage doors are excellent for offering security to your property. However, sectional garage doors do take the lead. They offer exceptional security and protection which is more than roller garage doors do. A roller garage door offers limited security, they are easier to break through and will not be the most beneficial in this aspect.

Installation Time

Finally, we want to discuss installation time. Depending on how urgent your need is for a garage door will depend on which is the better option. Sectional garage doors have more aspects that need to be installed. Not only do you need to install the garage door and the motor, but you also need to install a support mechanism for the door to sit on when it is open. Roller garage doors have a much quicker installation time. There is less that needs to be installed and considered. With only two main aspects as the door itself rolls up around the motor so no additional supports are necessary. Therefore roller garage doors do take the win this time.

Which Door Should You Choose?

The time has come that you need to make a decision on which garage door is going to be most beneficial for your home or business. This essentially comes down to you. You need to consider what benefits you want most and what is most important to you.

After looking at both styles of garage doors, we can see that roller garage doors have to be the winner. They win the battle with regard to most of the points we have made. Of course, if what you are after is extra security or modernisation, paying the extra cost may be worthwhile to have a sectional garage door that brings these benefits as well as the others.

But, the decision does come to you. Both of these garage doors are exceptional options. They are both going to bring exactly what your home or your business needs. Making this decision is something that should take time. Speaking to local garage door suppliers and installers will be the best help you can get.