How to Look After your Tyres

As a car owner you must have faced a lot of issues with your tyres and your friendly garage mechanic would most likely have advised you to maintain their well being to save fuel. Maintaining the right tyre pressure is very crucial for the balance which in turn will reduce fuel consumption. So, make it a habit to get your tyres checked every fortnight, as it may well save your life in the long run. Whether you buy cheap tyres or only use expensive brands, you have to maintain them on a regular basis, and maintaining the right pressure is usually the first part of maintenance.

Tyres with low pressure tend to overheat faster and wear out much before their actual expiry date. So, all vehicle makers give details of the exact tyre pressure which has to be maintained in the driver’s handbook. A regular problem with low pressure tyres is resistance to normal rolling speed which leads to greater consumption of fuel when going uphill or at top speeds. When the tyre is over inflated, the driver cannot retain control over the vehicle.

Routine tyre rotation

When you buy cheap tyres, mid-range or premium products, it can be beneficial to choose a provider which can offer tyre rotation for even tread wear. The tyres of front wheel drive cars have a tendency to wear more often than rear tyres. Under these circumstances tyre rotation ensures that all tyres are used efficiently and their tread life is maximized. If the treads on all four wheels are on an equal level, the tyre noise and vibration level also reduces to a considerable extent. Though experts suggest that car tyres should be rotated every 10000 km, you can ask the mechanic at a Just Tyres service centre closest to you for a second opinion.

Checking for cracks and bubbles

Make it a habit to give a cursory glance to all your car’s tyres before taking it out of the garage or parking lot, so you are aware of the bubbles or cracks on its surface which is a sign of damage. If you see objects like stones, sticks or nails sticking out of the tyre it is sure sign of puncture. Get it repaired at once at your closest garage wherein the mechanic is likely to remove it and check for internal damage and then make necessary repairs. Ensure that your tyres are changed before they reach minimum depth of tread patterns on its surface to avoid losing control on slippery roads.

Wheel balance and alignment checks

Driving on varied terrains and at variable speeds makes wheels lose their natural grip on the road. So, routine checks need to be done to ensure that wheel balance and alignment is maintained as per the details given by the manufacturer. Wheel balancing ensures that the tyres are tightly fitted into their grooves and are aligned perfectly. Wheel alignment has to be done every six months to ensure safety of the vehicle and its driver.