Do Modern Cars need a Space in Garage?

Many people will use garages for storage, as gyms, a utility room, and there is a large number of people who opt against storing their car in the garage. In the UK the paintwork on cars doesn’t exactly fade if it’s been left on the driveway, so is there actually a need for a garage?

The answer is no, however it really depends on how secure you want your vehicle to be. If you have an extremely expensive car then you’re e more than likely going to want to keep it as safe as it possibly can be, and the best way to do this is to lock it away in a garage.


Garages are designed to be secure, and the more you cherish your vehicle, the more likely you’re going to cherish the use of a garage, but for those people who are more than happy to leave their vehicle out on the street, there probably is not a great deal of benefit that comes from a garage, and that’s why it could instead by used as an extra storage room in the house.