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Getting your cambelt changed

Most cars have a cam belt, although some do not and some have a chain instead of a rubber belt. If your car has a rubber cam belt then it is advised that you change it every 60,000 miles or when the car reaches 7 years old. When buying a second hand car, many garages […]

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How to become a car garage mechanic

There are many ways to become a car mechanic. Many colleges offer mechanic courses that you can complete, but as with many professions, this career is best learn on the job. As manufactures are always bring out new car models and technology, you need to keep up to date with the industry changes. Some car […]

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Checking your tyres regularly could save your life

Checking the tyres on your car or van is something that should be done on a weekly basis (if not more often) especially when you are travelling a long distance. There are far too many accidents caused by tyres that are either defective or have not got the correct pressure in them. When looking over […]

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Obtaining insurance quotes for your car

Too many of us renew or insurance year after year without checking if the price they are offering us is competitive or if we are missing out on a better deal. There are some very useful car insurance comparison websites out there, all you have to do is enter your details in once and they […]

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The Suzuki Swift

The Swift is a popular hatchback, especially among young males and it’s probably sportier now than ever before. It benefits from great fuel economy too, so it can actually be seen as a sensible purchase. You can have the vehicle fitted with the alloys of your choice and the car itself is available in red, […]

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Do Modern Cars need a Space in Garage?

Many people will use garages for storage, as gyms, a utility room, and there is a large number of people who opt against storing their car in the garage. In the UK the paintwork on cars doesn’t exactly fade if it’s been left on the driveway, so is there actually a need for a garage? […]

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The Clever Technology in the New Ford Focus

The Ford Focus is widely recognised as one of the most popular cars on the market but it has evolved an developed over time, and now we’re seeing the inclusion of many new technological features. You get Park Assist, a systems that can steer you into parking spaces. They only need to be 20% longer […]

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Weather Protection for your Vehicle

Weather protection for your vehicle can be accomplished through a variety of methods. Firstly, perhaps the most common way of doing it is to store your car in a garage, which is a highly effective method of protecting your vehicle from all types of weather conditions. There are other less well known methods, which you […]

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Welcome to Line Garage

Welcome to Line Garage, where we provide advice about cars repair services. Your options for servicing your car are extensive, so understanding the industry is very valuable, helping you to navigate through the fluff so that you can find a really beneficial deal.

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