What Are Garages Used For?

Garages, an area that can be found on some properties, but what are they generally used for?

When garages were first built and added to properties, their main use was for storing cars. As cars were seen as a luxury item many years ago, people would take great care of them. Storing them away from the weather in their garages. This way their cars would not get damaged and could be worked on inside.

As time has progressed, and cars have become less of a luxury item, garages are no longer used for storing cars, but just as general storage. People choose to store other items that they do not need constant access to in their garages. For example bikes, Christmas decorations, and garden furniture.

Some people have also decided to completely re-renovate their garages. Meaning they are no longer being used for storage at all. Some people choose to make their garage space into an actual room. Some examples include a home gym or a home office.