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Are Spark Plugs Replaced as Part of a Service?

Spark plugs are used to produce the ignition spark for an internal combustion engine. They ignite the spark in the combustion chamber, whilst also transferring the heat away from the chamber for safety and protection. They are therefore integral component within a car engine and will need to be replaced often enough that they can keep working in the way that is intended.

Sometimes it is possible to get spark plugs replaced as part of a car service. It will usually need to be a major service, where everything is checked and serviced to keep the car in good condition. However, even then, some garages will not check and replace spark plugs as standard during a service and you will need to request that they do this. You can ask the garage beforehand if they will be replacing spark plugs as part of the service, which may dictate your decision regarding where a service is carried out on your vehicle.

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