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Do your Brake Pads Need Changing?

Brake pads need to be changed every now and again in order to keep your car working properly. Brake pads relieve friction to allow for smooth braking and the correct operation of your vehicle. Generally, brake pads will need changing every 50,000 miles or so, but it could be more often. For some vehicles, it will be after 25,000 miles and for others, it will be more like 70,000. It’s similar to tyres – it is hard to give a clear picture as all cars are different. Signs that brake pads need changing include more bumpy braking, a squeaking noise upon braking and a smell that might alert you to it.

Choose a reliable garage to fit your brake pads for you. They shouldn’t cost you too much money. It may be a job that you can do yourself if you have some technical knowledge of cars but don’t risk it unless you are confident.

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