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Fleet Management – is it Difficult?

Fleet management is the process of managing a fleet of vehicles within a company. This can include cars, vans and any other vehicles that might be required for business use. It’s essential that the fleet is managed professionally, by somebody who is highly organised and who knows what they are doing.

So is fleet management hard? Not as such, but it does have to be done in a certain way. If not, it will be easy for fleet management to get on top of you and for things to spiral out of control. Here are some things that might help you with your fleet management:

  • Outsource to a dedicated company. There are many companies that run fleets remotely, who will do a very good job. You will usually have an account manager who will be your point of call for everything, making the process streamlined and simple.
  • Make sure your staff have all the details they need. Give them fuel cards, make sure they have all of the vehicle manuals and ensure that they know who to call if they have any issues.
  • Never lost track of maintenance. Keep all records meticulously, so that you know when MOTs and services are due. If a car has had any repairs, retain all receipts in case of future issues.
  • Use good fleet management software. There are many different options available and they will really help you to monitor efficiency.
  • Choose someone highly organised and preferably experienced to take care of fleet management for you. The tasks do not have to be difficult, but they can run away with someone if they don’t keep on top of the admin.
  • Use telematics boxes. These can help you to keep track of vehicles, how people are driving and mileage.

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